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Available Sessions for 2016

  • Selfies are for Faces – Snap Chat, Facebook, sexting…social media is changing the way we communicate! Protect yourself and your reputation:  learn how to safely use social media.
  • Living the Fearless Life – Learning to be fearless in life and love is hard enough without all of the world’s imposed expectations.  Find your courage to be who you are, not what others say you should be.
  • No More Shame – Shame and guilt are based on deception, which is the opposite of God’s truth.
    Be set free from the shame of past hurts and choices.
  • Sexting ?!? What is proper use of social media and what is not?
  • DEPTH! Being a BOLD and HONEST young lady in a manly world! We will be talking about BOYS, holla!
  • A Heat to Protect – Is it okay to say “no” after you’ve already said “yes”?
  • Crash the Chatterbox – Do you beat yourself up with negative thoughts and words: The truth about who  you really are.
  • Waking up from the Nightmare – Surviving and thriving after sexual abuse.
  • Fear-less Moms – Moms can gain insight in dealing their parenting fears: What am I most afraid of?  Is my fear real?
  • Daddy, I thought I was Your Princess – How do you feel when you dad has a new wife or girlfriend and you feel left out of the picture.
  • F.E.A.R. – Face Everything And Row – No matter what you’ve been through, you can still keep moving forward.
  • Creative Emotions – Express you most intense emotions in creative, not destructive ways.