RGV Ministry

Hello!  My name is Jennifer Rosales.  I have been working in ministry since 2010.  Five years ago, I was working for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes  when I felt that God was calling me to minister to young women.  I started a ministry within FCA called Women of Influence.  I was able to  work as a Chaplain to female athletes and coaches to female sports programs in a local district here in the Rio Grande Valley.  On a weekly basis, my ministry was able to reach 300 young women and coaches through chaplain programs, Bible studies, and one on one mentoring.  This past fall, God allowed me out of ministry with FCA and into an opportunity that would be an answer to prayer.  On my way to a meeting with a board member, I received a call from Sarah Pitzer with an opportunity to work as a life coach for It’s a Girl Thing! ministries.  This opportunity will allow me to have more freedom to be able to minister on more personal levels and go deeper with the ministry that is happening here in the RGV.  I am meeting with teams and coaches weekly on campuses for character coaching programs, holding one on one sessions with young ladies who need mentoring, one on one sessions with coaches for prayer, and leading a Bible study for high school girls in my own home.  I am so excited to see how this ministry will grow and glorify God in the process.  Please join me in prayer for all that God has in store for us in 2017!