10 Things I Want My Daughter to Take to College


From Annie at ThouArtExalted.com:

On Saturday, my daughter graduated from high school (cue the tears!).

Yesterday I got up, took a DEEP breath, and wrote down 10 things that I think she should take to college. Like every mom, I tend to think of all the things I want to tell her after the fact. This time, I wanted to be ahead of the game. Below is a personal video from me, Annie, as well as a PDF version of the list. At the end of the list you will find a blank box. This is the space for you to add a personal touch and write a note to your daughter!

While I could have given her the good ‘ole instructions of clean your sheets once a week, floss, and take your contacts out every night . . . I wanted this to be more personal and biblical. I wish I had this list going to SMU 28 years ago. (Ouch, that was hard to type!) I know that you must love your daughters as much as I love mine, so I have also included free Downloadable Scripture Cards. Print out a set for you and your girl! See if you can memorize them together. AND ~ If you have any sage advice for this newbie mom doing this for the first time, I would love to hear your suggestions! This list is not the perfect 10 but any means ~ I just know my attention span can only absorb so much! Have fun and please know, I am praying for you!  ~ Annie

To see the video and grab the PDF list, click here!

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