‘I Will Not Be Silenced’

From Focus on the Family

If you pay attention to the news, you know that religious freedom faces threats on almost a daily basis in our country—especially on our school campuses.

Whether it’s protesters trying to censor a Christian speaker at a college or high-school students being ridiculed for their biblical beliefs about marriage—the pressure to ban any expression of Christian views on sexuality is increasing.

“Both of my kids have been harassed—even by their longtime friends—for their Christian beliefs,” Karen , a mother of two high-school students, wrote to us last spring.

She was describing the one-sided promotion of homosexuality happening in her family’s school district. “The events of Diversity Week and the Day of Silence at [our high school] have become fanatical, even to the point now that … unisex bathrooms are on the way.”

That’s why Karen and her teens were so relieved to discover a timely alternative in Day of Dialogue—a nationwide free-speech event for Christian teens in public schools and sponsored by Focus on the Family. On Thursday, April 14, during this year’s event (celebrating its 5th anniversary!), thousands of students will put their First Amendment rights into practice by distributing Conversation Cards, putting up posters and engaging in other free-speech activities that communicate a grace-filled, biblical perspective on some of the most sensitive issues of our day.

Would you like to help empower students who have a heart for sharing God’s truth and love in this confusing culture? Let them know about Day of Dialogue, a Focus on the Family, free-speech event for students on April 14. Download the free get-started kit today!
• A colorful, step-by-step chart on how to participate
• Access to free-speech tools, including downloadable T-shirt and poster designs
• Engaging “Conversation Cards” and student videos
• Information about students’ legal rights
• Tips for responding to challenging questions

There is also a Parent/Pastor Guide available for adults who want to spiritually encourage the students in their life.

“Thank God we just found out about Day of Dialogue,” Karen said. “It is an answer to prayer. We live in a very liberal area and the opposition to Christian beliefs is harsh. Please pray for our students as they express their beliefs.”

Lily, who participated as a 13-year old student, also explained why she was thankful for the event:
“My teacher for one of my classes wants us all for 45 minutes to be silent [for Day of Silence]; what he doesn’t know is th at I will not be silenced, and I will stand for what I believe—and if that means respectfully saying, ‘Hey, Jesus Christ loves you’ … then that’s what I’m going to do, because Jesus loves us all and died for us.”

Won’t you help empower more teens like Lily by letting them know about the Day of Dialogue on April 14?

You can share this free, downloadable Day of Dialogue Student Guide with them today!

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